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Case Study: Sam Magill Coaching and Consulting

Video Handshake

Sam Magill of Sam Magill Coaching and consulting hired us with one thing in mind: a desire to share what his business is all about. With our Video Handshake, we aided in accomplishing just that.

The Video Handshake is how BiondiMedia started. With years of media experience, we share your personal and business story with your audience in a real and natural light.

Utilizing the PBS story teller methods of Ken Burns, we gather various images from the client to create a the visuals of the video.

We then highlight the client’s personal life and business to create a one-of-a-kind marketing material.

Wow!!!! Yes! Fabulous!!! This is the absolute best marketing piece I have ever had. Nothing else compares to it! Thank you from my deepest heart place. - Sam

Our Approach

We sit down and interview you about various events in your life and business, gather images and prepare a script for your approval

Following the Ken Burns method, we then professional record the script in a studio and compile and edit the images in photoshop and a video editor.

We then deliver product to you to approve for any last minute edits that may need to be done.