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Case Study: Stacias Pizza & Pasta

Social Media

For close to 2 years, Stacias Pizza & Pasta hired another Social Media Management company. They decided it was time for a change and asked the team here at BiondiMedia to take over their social media.

The last post of our "competitor" came on June 1st, 2016 to which we quickly went to work to plan and implement a new social media strategy for Stacias Pizza & Pasta.

The following graph consists of the insights from Facebook on Stacia's Posts from the beginning of the year to the end of September; so this case study covers the length of approximately 4 months of management with BiondiMedia versus 6 months with the competitor. The line striking through the graphs are the points of transition.

You’ll notice immediately the increased amount of "reach" that the page's posts begins to receive in comparision to the prior 6 months. There is even a positive correlation with the amount of interactions the page is receiving versus the negative correlation with the previous management. Though we stretch our services into a broader area of coverage, we are proud to provide services that are on-par and some points even exceed other niche focused companies.


Our Approach

We research and plan with our clients a social media marketing plan to which we learn in depth our market and the company and the voice they wish to publicize.

Using our years of experience, we implement relevant content and at the most opportune times. Not haphazardly posting something any high schooler or intern could post but a strategic approach.

We continually evaluate what works and what doesn't for your target market and pivot when and where needed to ensure a quality social media campaign.